Malleable time A short story part 1

Malleable time intro part 1 a short story set. Rough draft ( Note some things may change )

Humans have a saying. Time waits for no man.


Bob woke up one day to see the tech news showing off a new device. A consumer grade BCI EEG system. His mind rushed with thoughts of what this meant as he saw early developments in computers and pacemakers evolve growing up. The brain to machine control he never thought would have happened in his life time. Yet there it was a consumer grade BCI system that seemed to work to a large degree. He was so excited, he preordered a new EEG set with the first block of orders from the company. Now he just needed to wait for it to arrive so he could play with it then mod on a game engine so the EEG set would work in one of the ways he wanted.

Later that night he fell asleep thinking of the possibility’s from such a system and the upgrade potentials. Though as he slipped into REM he had a recurring dream from childhood. A blond lady in a field of wheat nude with her hands reaching out to touch the tops of the wheat. Also the haunting glow of white light from the ladies eyes as if he could not see into them to tell the color of the eyes. She almost seemed to be calling out. Though in the dream bob couldn’t hear her say any words. As he approached her the dream ended, and as he woke up in the morning. He was left with a weird feeling that would make the dream stick in his mind like so many others through the years.
About 2 months later the EEG set arrived. Bob was so excited when it showed up and he pulled it out to see how well it worked. He quickly opened it up and plugged it in and started to go threw games he had already and the manufacturers calibration setup. One after another he plowed through the games he had and some web page surfing with the head set and using his favorites bar as a list to chose from. The possibility’s he saw where amazing to him. From emotional sensing to game controller type to web surfing with his mind alone. He could even see other people like couples trying to sync up their brain patterns. Though he didn’t have anyone to try that with.
Later in the week and for the next few months he started to have a new recurring dream. A little girl from some oriental city like japan or china or korea. He was not sure what place as bob didn’t know the other languages and just know it looked oriental to him. In each dream the girl is crossing a street talking to a smart phone and 3 A.I. agents/assistants. Each with it’s customized use. One for simple chat and ego while it psychoanalyzes her one for simple help and data query’s and one that interfaced with her friends A.I.’s as a social link of a new weirder type. Nothing bob had ever seen before in smart phones or A.I. though a likely rout things would take also. The smart phone had a holographic interface with the 3 A.I. avatar heads she customized for her self or her mother customized for her to see. Bob was not sure on that. Other than he kept seeing the same thing in multiple dreams over many, many nights. Each time she is crossing a street talking to her A.I. assistants on her phone and each time she gets hit by a car that takes off after hitting the girl crossing the intersection.
A hit and run though part was also the little girl so entrapped in her phones A.I.’s with conversation chat that she didn’t even notice the car approaching the intersection cross walk. She barely even noticed the crosswalk sign as she crossed the street. The reoccurring dream left it’s own after thoughts to bob. He knew the oriental girl was not his type and couldn’t place the street corner or language. Even after he searched some on the internet. Yet like the recurring dream of the blond that he knew was his type and probably from some subconscious desire. The little girl was more of a haunting and lingering in his mind. He even wondered if this was some weird side effect from the new EEG set and started to read up on the technology more as the dreams recurred.
Bob looked through brain mapping technology even to try to place what he had been dreaming about. Then one night like a flash of insight. He had a new dream. This time it was a older oriental lady in a fuzzy dream asking for help to save her daughter. Like the mind trying to put things together. A new side of the story of the repeating dream of the kid crossing the street and the car hitting her started to emerge. The oriental lady was asking Bob to save her child by hacking into and programing the A.I. system to warn the child crossing the street. Yet some important things where left out of the dream. Like place and child’s name and time. After he woke up he started to wonder if time was really one directional and if the dreams might be real or from the near future. His mind went racing off in many directions
The A.I. systems he saw in the dreams where not around yet, entanglement into the past was not even around yet. Entanglement from future brain to past brain state and inducing memory’s was not in anything he had seen before. So many questions ran threw his mind. Was it real, was it a figment of his imagination? even the holographic displays where not a reality yet on smart phones. Yet everything in the dream sets seemed so real and recurring with out much deviation in the dream sequences. He wondered if it was some hallucination or artifacts from some movie seen recently. Though he quickly ruled those out and stuck with a recurring dream or a possible message from the future when the technology was commonplace.
From the experimenting with the EEG systems and games he even wondered if it was his mind extrapolating the future and placing it in a narrative in a dream state. He was sure some thing changed but was not sure what or even how. So for the next few years he studied the topical groupings in technology. From entanglement to time travel to virtual reality and A.I. systems while fallowing tech like smart phones. The precision in the dreams was more than a EEG could pull off for a reverse type induced state. Yet it was not completely impossible from a technology stand point and near future technology. It was like he had a glimps into a future of types that played out over the next few years. Each time he saw tech articles on things he saw it reinforced he might be seeing a future more than a brain predicting the future.
As bob found the technology he was dreaming about the recurring dream happened less and less, and normal dreams came back. He got to a point he though some one from the future saw his brainwaves or had his mind to entangle a set of thoughts into the past. He even let some technology slip threw his fingers so to say as others developed the tech out and made loads of money from it. Bob was not rich, though he saw some technology before it became a reality. He even had thoughts of immortality in a machine. Some thing only one group seemed to be pushing. Singularity people and carbon copy, then later on DARPA. He also stated to ask himself was the girl he saw his or was the lady his future wife. Though his natural preferences where for a athletic blond type.
In the years after the first onset of dreams. His brain became a wash of technology that he picked up over the years. Also he waited for the technology to show up that he say and had not yet been developed yet. From things like was it really a dream to was it from some one in the future trying to save her daughter to the more outlandish, and was it alien as in a way the dreams where alien to him in ways he could not explain off easily. Though aliens was a low probability in explaining the dream set away. He even started to worry that he could not pull of what the oriental lady wanted him to do. Yet he was soaking up the technology like a sponge, and the technology he dreamed about came to fruition. The clash of dreams to reality kept bob questioning everything for a good answer.
Bob saw to many of his dreams of technology come into reality that he started to think it must be real to some degree and like a detective he was putting things together with out anyone else’s help. The one thing he couldn’t figure out is how can time be malleable or have entanglement into the past to alter future events. Not to get into what would happen if he did alter the future from a message that originated further in the future to alter the past. Also why did she pick him to help save her kid in the first place. To many questions and answers came slowly as the technology advanced.
Bob even looked into delusions and the meaning of dreams a good bit. Trying to explain away the recurring dreams and the technology he was having. He even looked into aliens and alien technology for a short time. The only thing that made any sense to him though after going over the dreams was entanglement from the future and his brain into the past. The lingering thought he kept having though was. If it was his brain and from the future. That most likely meant he was dead in that time line for the oriental lady to acquire and use, and if that was so how did his mind get half way around the world?
Like a detective he was trying to put things together or rule them out completely. As a side project he was going over the native chines languages and Korean and Japanese. Teaching him self from legends to lore to make it more fun to learn. In a article he saw about china he saw that one of the cities, the capitol Beijing just put cameras up in the city for full coverage. He saw that article and thought to him self. All the angles he saw in his dream where from cameras like that. Could he have found the city the little girl was from and is going to die in? his mind kept rushing through the possibility’s. Though he speculated that other city’s would have cameras up for full coverage like that in the near future.
Like some cosmic mystery that was playing out for bob and bob only. He was trying to solve why so many things link yet where so improbable when he scrutinized it. Was it his mind playing tricks on him or a dream where the mind surfed probability’s to feed it back to him as a dream? He really wanted to know a decent logical explanation. Yet things like the oriental writing and recurrence’s of the dream unaltered made him even question himself questioning that. The blond in the field as a recurring dream he could explain away as personal preference’s playing out in a recurring dream. The oriental lady and child being hit by a car in a intersection as she converses with her A.I.’s he could not explain away in any easy fashion.
Bob even questioned why him if this was some malleable time entanglement experiment. He was not known for anything special, let Known for anything at all. The few seeds of information he let slip out others clamed and his name was not even attached to the technology. He was not rich and not a lead technician for a A.I. research firm. He didn’t even live in the same area of the world as the recurring dream he had. He might as well be nobody as he did not have any connection’s to most people, and drifted through life alone for the most part. He knew the grandfather paradox might even stop him from altering the right set of things to help the child live, if that was a goal being imparted or setout to him in his dreams. Though the thought of time being malleable was one he likes to think on at times.
The type of technology needed to pull off such a feat was not even a reality yet. Beyond fMRI technology. It would have to be able to get synaptic level recordings and more so, to entangle each cell to a past state was not in any book or theory he had seen before. After all most people would say time is Omni directional and not bidirectional or even malleable and able to change. If that where true history and the future may be different than what it has been or will be, and if so that would mean the future would see space time in a different way than it does now today. To many questions and not enough answers left bob wondering most nights on the various topic matters that it would take to accomplish such a feat.
One of the questions he could not rule out, but was not fully supporting yet. Was a quantum computer that calculated out of time it’s self. A technological singularity of a type. With the A.I. and computer system working out of time like a omega point quantum processor with a A.I. or damon that the oriental lady figured out how to send a message through. The probability for that was low to bob. Yet he could not rule it out. If that was so was the quantum omega point A.I. ancilla really the blond in the wheat field with the glowing eyes and predisposed knowledge of the personal preferences of bob? Only time may tell as things play out and technology progresses.
The story is not over. It has only begun. And the legacy continues.
The past is written in stone, but the future is what we make of it.
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