On Zola’s Algorithm, kill list’s and some on media and social media control factors.

On Zola’s Algorithm, kill list’s and media and social media control factors. and a controlled society of types.

Rough draft and mashup of a type. Almost a rambling but it all fits together in ways also. This really needs to be split up more it seems for normal human consumption.

Welcome to a brave new world? LOL

Orwell takes a back seat to a penopticon all seeing state with no one really watching the watchers.

Big Brother is watching you.

The Matrix is a System

Zola’s Algorithm

It is an algorithm designed to analyze data about an individual and determine if he or she will be a threat now or in the future and eliminate those threats. ( automated pre-crime detection and sanctioned killings with out a trial. )


Is Gilgamesh NSA/JSOC program the first incarnation with human oversight that will later be replaced with A.I.? That and they are doing after the fact when they will be going for precrime later on that scale.

In current form it is chopped up into pieces and overseen by people, but putting the pieces together and putting A.I. behind it is not to far away. It’s worth the debate now before it happens secretly or privatized.

Social network analysis


From monitoring social media and impersonating people to using sockpuppets to discredit people that are using real data. From cell phone metadata to drone targeted killings issued by secret courts and secret laws. To manipulating social media feeds and controlling and manipulating news media. They have a lot of it down to a science.

Targeted killing is the premeditated killing (Assassination) of an individual by a state organization or institution outside a judicial procedure or a battlefield.


Obama ‘kill list’ paper leaked, includes criteria for assassinating US citizens
Britain’s secret kill list



alice in wonderland ruling les feds keep mum on legal rational


NSA Data Mining: How It Works


6 Government Surveillance Programs Designed to Watch What You Do Online




A Dubious Deal with the NSA


Official List Of Words Feds Monitor On Social Networking Sites





Homeland Security moves forward with ‘pre-crime’ detection


The Santa Cruz Experiment: Can a City’s Crime Be Predicted and Prevented?


The minority report: Chicago’s new police computer predicts crimes, but is it racist?


Chicago Police “Heat List” Renews Old Fears About Government Flagging and Tagging


Pre-Crime Detection System Now Being Tested in the U.S.


DARPA Sponsors Surveillance Technology to Predict Future Behavior


Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media


CIA-Sponsored Trolls Monitor Social Media & Interact With Users to Discredit Factual Information


Here’s How Law Enforcement Agencies Impersonate Your Friends


US government is developing a pre-crime prediction system for cyber-attacks


Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media


Facebook reveals news feed experiment to control emotions


Facebook cuts six degrees of separation to four



Facebooks way past friends it wants to be your whole world


NSA mines Facebook for connections, including Americans’ profiles


US military studied how to influence Twitter users in Darpa-funded research


How to Get Banned from Twitter




How the NSA & FBI made Facebook the perfect mass surveillance tool


Facial recognition used in social media for alphabet agencies to buy and mine from facebook. Remember the terms of service that wanted a facial ID to let you back in the account? They do not let you delete the account also so the tracking software will stil work on computers and cell phones.

‘Absurd’: Facebook Requesting Government ID to Unlock Accounts…Again


They didn’t just lock people like me out, but also deleted whole pages while leaving others up. Atheist private group got hit with that one while religious pages stayed up. Showing they are catering to the delusional in ways, as they know they can manipulate them easier.



censorship at some of it’s worst, but also typical in a controlled society.

Breakthrough in facial recognition: the ‘Deep Dense Face Detector’


If you think your safe with MS products this shows why not.

Microsoft case: DoJ says it can demand every email from any US-based provider


Palantir Technologies spots patterns to solve crimes and track terrorists


Leaked Palantir Doc Reveals Uses, Specific Functions And Key Clients


Palantir IPO: PayPal Inc’s (NASDAQ:PYPL) Top Secret Spin-off May Be About to Go Public


Palantir Mobile Prototype for Law Enforcement


Palantir Legal Intelligence: analyzing the Enron emails



Kryptos Zolas 1

Zola’s restaurant


Ex-CIA boss: Telecoms should store metadata, not NSA


Phone Carriers Tight-Lipped On How They Will Comply With New Surveillance Law


Showing some of the levels of monitoring they are doing on people and the net for A.I. they fear. Yes it is not just terrorists they look for, but also signs of A.I. stronger then whole groups of them so they can get a copy for themselves. From monitoring botnets to abnormalities humans could not make themselves.

What Really Scares Tech Leaders About Artificial Intelligence?


Boston Bombings Show Future Use For Police Drones


showing they have been using drones and planes and choppers to close a loop in mass surveillance.

Police video shows Boston bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding in boat



Drone targeted killings with no legal recourse looks like this.

UAV Predator Engage A Group Of Insurgents With A Hellfire Missile In Iraq

How they can use a hellfire missile from a drone to kill anyone with a cellphone


FISA secret laws and hidden kangaroo courts


In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers of N.S.A.


Stare Decisis and Secret Law: On Precedent and Publication in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court


how to catch a terrorist


NSA’S EPIC Fail: Spy Agency Pays Lawyers That Sue It




FBI here I am! Ted Talk


Rise of the Private Surveillance State


The Pentagon’s plan to let contractors pilot reconnaissance missions could lead down a more deadly path.


Revealed: Private firms at heart of US drone warfare


Though to be fair on the next they didn’t look up who owns the various news media also. All the main ones are owned by republicans even though they rail against liberal media or left wing media. The reality is that’s a joke on a few levels. From MSNBC to fox (Foux propaganda sudo news networks ) they are owned by republicans. Some Irony to that also when you look at the population and the delusions they carry.

ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox Show Their Pro-Republican Bias By Refusing To Air Obama Speech



How easy is it to fool people with A.I. acting as a human and small sentences or wordings? ( a old argument from facebook before they kicked me off for no good reason ) Just look at Ashley Madison site stats to find out. LOL Also goes to the manipulation of groupings of people in ways. In that one though it is for monetary gain. Social engineering meet’s A.I. and a con site as I would put it. though it has already morphed into a porn ransom ware hacks that I do not feel sorry for the people at all for getting caught in. Other than the ransom ware is bad part. But this is getting off topic a tad.



It’s just some of the pieces that show a controlled and manipulated society that is fairly crappy at that.

Add that to the manipulation of social media and impersonation of people or sites with secret laws and secret courts and Orwell only scraped the surface.

But it also gets to why one should avoid American made tech of types and or make your own products to use and not let the info out on how it was made. ( not a easy thing to do ) That along with going darker with encryption layers and filters that recognize some manipulation practices to filter them out. ( you can also use it to filter religious delusions/junk out to though some problems with that as with other things wanted to be filtered out. )

In the end you can not only see a type of  Zola’s Algorithm at work but a controlled system with the illusion of free will. Only 5% of people will have upward mobility and the rich have covered that % to a large part. 95% of people will see degradation of prosperity over there life time. Yet they will live in a illusion of being ok. Strong A.I. takes that last 5% and crushes it in ways the rich are scared of as it represents them in a way. That’s part of why they monitor for such A.I. systems with out letting many know about it. They want to keep there precious control networks going. Yet humans are still worse in ways. Just look at the trillions lost or stolen from the 9-11 era then the banks and derivatives market taking many more trillions or 10 years of world GDP out of the markets and yet no fix was ever made so it can go on. In the end you do not need Zola’s Algorithm when you have the evils humans do to each other for monetary gains. Or take abu ghraib as a slight example of that. It only takes a few bad apples so to say to make a whole grouping look bad.



9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

Banks Amass $211 Trillion In Derivatives, JP Morgan Loses $2 Billion And Volcher Rule Debates Continue


Even though it is fiat money. It shows some of the society control factors that touch most people or extort from them. Does your government help you? Or is it detrimental to you? Game theory?

“Humans say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Why? Do they think there’s a shortage of bad ones?”
The Joy of Lucidity


Misc 2

Unintended Consequences: Twelve Years under the DMCA


DMCA Takedown Used To Try To Silence Science Blogger Providing Comet Facts


Infamous SF Eviction Lawyers Use DMCA Claim to Silence Protest Video



State Censorship by Copyright? Spanish Firm Abuses DMCA to Silence Critics of Ecuador’s Government


Nielsen Joins The DMCA Abuse Party, Issues Takedown Of Publicly Available Ratings


Terrorism 101: Occupy and Student Groups Labeled ‘Extremist Threat’ by London Police


Occupy Wall Street Labeled “Terrorists” By The FBI


Republican wants WikiLeaks labeled as terrorist group


Hillary Compares Republican Candidates to ‘Terrorist Groups’


Republican Party and Christian Right Labeled Hate Groups and Placed on FBI Terrorist Watchlist


Though some of those might not be to far off it is a bit extreme to put them on a terrorist watch list and possibly a secret drone kill list with out being able to challenge it in any way. It also gets to who gets to whom judges or make the lists in a way. Would you prefer human or algorithm be that judge? Also should it really be kept secret or made public to be able to confront your accusers? A few ethical questions that seem to have been thrown out the window so to say with the bath water. I may need to break this up in parts later on. That is if they do not take this site/page down also.

Last note and on some holes left in the coverage web and recent media.

Vigilantes Hunt Mystery Highway Shooter


They need to setup gunshot location and triangulation posts along that road with cell tower triangulation to get a automated list and direct real time area location of the shooters. Though the pellet gun person they might have to track down manually so to say or work to get.



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