Misc. brain hacks part 2 rough draft

 Brain hacks part 2

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

In the near future wars social and political may be fought on a synaptic level.
In the past people have been able to hack/manipulate peoples brains in a few various ways. From the magician to the con man to neurochemical reactions to controlling information flow similar to todays news cycles in a way. It was more of a crude hack in ways as they are on the verge of editing neural clusters and weights in the brain now. Pharmacopeia has built models around brain chemistry and phycology.  Like wise brain mapping like fMRI has been mapping areas and functions or even memories of types. Things like EEG have been around but are not as precise at mapping. Neurochemistry seems to be a huge part of the way a person thinks. From highly delusional in the bipolar people and lithium bicarbonate changing that in them to serotonin and dopamine and general moods or illusions of connected like love and friendship. Brain chemistry plays a big part in how and the way a person thinks. Not to say the structure or network plays a big roll also but chemistry is one I would stress a lot.
Now on this journey I would have to warn some that religion will be classified as a known human delusion. If you do not like that then turn away and run now. But it also get’s to a important point also. With such precise control of the brain areas and neural clusters. You get to the point of being able to program any religion or no religion into a person that was not that way originally. For a slightly lighter version I will say the religion of the flying spaghetti monster can be spread. They are not to that point in humans just yet but they are in mice models already. Part of my plays on alice in wonderland are even from looking at how delusional people can really be when scrutinized or in that case lightly played with. After all some of what humans think of as good qualities are in reality a delusion or illusion with in the persons mind or state of mind. But lets keep this part short on general brain hacking.
Neurochemical trimming or physical trimming or electrical blocking to chemical induced weighting of brain synapses or electrical induced thought neural chains over riding other neural networks in the brain to bioengineering and optogenetics and read writing to brain clusters that inter react with other brain clusters. Brain hacking is happening if people like it or not. Also the human delusional conditions the pelage society have been around for a long time. Just look at religion and the spread of willing delusion over time with that as part of the mapping parameters and it is clear. Not to get into the delusional state of groups and heard mentality like with the military or elderly like dick chenny who clearly show the slight changes in the delusions they have. most psychologists would call that normal human level. Though it shows deeply flawed when you look at it closely. Even the talk in some groupings of liberal media or democratic media is off to degrees when you look at it closely enough. Most big media is owned by republicans and controlled further by political structure though giving them the illusion of free will at the same time and to degrees. So when I talk of human delusion it covers a big area and some are more pleasant than others according to the persons perceptions or groupings.
When viable or cheap enough neuro reprograming/ brain hacking gets into the hands of states with agendas from Russia to china to America. The implications are both good and bad. Orwell couldn’t imagine the reality as I would put it. Now at this point I would also say things like the matrix and instant downloading of information is not going to happen that way, though speeding up learning can. Helping networks with weighting or trimming they are doing now in mice models. With such technology’s states could theoretically impose neural reprograming of types and enforce a delusion onto the individual. ( from china mandating citizens be programed for national interest’s to America programing it’s kids for a specific religion. In this case we call it the spaghetti monster religion. ) Not only will you have to fight for your thoughts and bias delusional perceptions. You may want to try to reduce them as much as possible also. This would be like using a type of A.I. to help filter out delusions and illusions in there many forms that show up in humanity in general. The other side of the coin is do you offer to help other people or impose such on them to get ride of or minimize the delusional states they have and at or near real time corrections. This get’s into ethics yet ethics is personal and very lacking in groups. This is one of the few really touchy subjects I can see many sides screaming about.

“Faith: not wanting to know what is true.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Now that I got that part out with out going to deep into parts of it with all the knee kickers it has for people. let’s get into some of the types of sci-fi to reality checks. The total recall and doll house got a type close to right. A machine with precision to map thoughts from queues and then alter them. They will not be able to place preprogramed memories in as much as reinforce or suppress memories as they happen. Like wise as a person remembers a instance they can have that trimmed out or suppressed. ( PTSD type people ) Some of this will scare people while other people will look at it as hope for some debilitating thing they may suffer from. Using fMRI mapping to neuron chains and nanoparticles to directed manipulation of specific spots. ( mind editing ) That type of brain hacking will happen. The Equilibrium type of chemical enforcement or programing has been happening to a degree also and will evolve a little more. They even mixed it with religion and to a realistic point though unrealistic for the art part it seemed to me. From dopamine’s to serotonin and oxycodone. The pharmacopeia and phycology has been doing that for a while in a way. The delusion of religion though was not apart of that and more a lineage of the spread of delusion over time within the human species as sad as that is to say, though easy enough to prove also. Also if you are not worried about the religion aspect remember the politicians who go by such delusions and you may have a right to be scared.
Now for a weird part of it all. With brain mapping to the thoughts and areas as a general key and specific targeting of neural clusters on a small scale. Technically one could program a persons mind to a degree to like robots or aliens or biofeedback A.I. driven story or such. ( basically a forging thought imprinted over time and weighted right in the brain network. ) This is not instant new programing as much as Pavlov’s dog and training over time. I have wondered this with some of the reports of men with robot sex dolls they marry or old lady’s that leave there dogs all there money and a few other weird like that. Was part of it chemical induced and weighting of there brain networks over time? Part also say’s no it is not as the military shows with solders becoming friendly with there robots or emotionally attached. To put it a crude simple way humans are predisposed for companionship of types and leads to some of that stuff happening. But it still makes me wonder at times.
Summing up some things before this gets to long. Yes you can hack the brain in ways, but you also have to contend with the willing delusions that people and more so religions have. Religions have been sources of repression in the past and will be in the future. In that same warning nation/states will have been sources of repression and will continue. They do not have precision control yet but are on the verge of it now. When you see all the ways people have delusions and illusions they live in. It’s a surprise the world has not had another nuclear war only full exchange. You may or may not want to protect your self from such groupings and people when they are only detrimental. ( part of what I will be doing when I go dark. Doing anything less seems crazy when you see how bad the world and people are. Not to get into the evils of the groupings themselves.)
Not only used to weed out bias or lies or deception, but used to find known delusions and can even be used to find spys or such when structured right. You could hack terrorist’s minds and other people like the chenny’s delusional states when set up right that is. P-300 is a powerful tool in ways. You can also use it to screen for known delusional states. Some may not like hearing that or being classified as such a person. Yet again it is a tool when used right and a good one for weeding out people of a type. ( After all you may not want a Christian or Muslim or name a religion to be in control of your rights to health care or laws or such. Just look at how evil they are already today for a good example. )
This one showing governments already manipulate and control to degrees social media as well as news. Part of a controlled society.
Showing some of the dangers of religion and mind manipulation
Mind-altering microbes: how the microbiome affects brain and behavior: Elaine Hsiao at TEDxCaltech
Some of the cooler of the tech is brain hacking for performance. You can get or make biofeedback that lets you know when your in the zone as they put it. Or biofeedback learning enforcement and or coupling it with neuron strengtheners. Though to that if your learning the wrong things like religion then it may not help as much as hurt them in enforcing a delusional state. ( though all  or almost all people show delusions of various types. My outlook on that is how to best minimize those and preferably with simple A.I. feedback ) . Some of this is a good reason to filter people and companies or governments in ways though people already do that naturally. From doctors with religion or other bad delusions to groupings of people and the many willing delusions they have. The last thing I would stress in the time coming up is question everything. The world is not a good safe place so protect your self and family if you have one that is.
Hacking The Mind
The interesting theory I will leave any reader to here is this. Take the P-300 or fMRI with slides picked to detect lies can also be used to mine nations or large groups if specific things. Lets take war for a example. The larger general groupings like republican/democrat can be mined for details of types. From strategy to preferences of a groupings and even to sexual preferences in the grouping though that is a easy one to tell for the most part. Psychological warfare is not the only thing to the war part. In theory you can mine and manipulate social to test or weed out probability factors. In military structure it can be used in groups to weed out bias and get to the higher probability’s the grouping sees. Couple it with apps like palinter and you get powerful tool sets and data. In a weird way a hive mind with individuals each helping play a cross filter part along with A.I. suport. Not just using EEG’s or fMRI’s for video and pickup or threat detection, but also for reducing ones bias on topics when in a diverse grouping that is tasked to look for certain things. A different version of minority report in a way of detection before the fact or grouping with A.I. help tracking some things. The other part to that I would stress is there are some things whole groups will react the same to. So it only works good for some things and not as good for other things. Or false positives are high in some emotional things and lower in other more analytical things.
neurochemicals that alter thought
other neurochemical brain altering include the hallucinogens and drugs/alcohol and a lot of pharmacopeia drugs and receptor sites in humans or animals. A lot of those neural effects are well known also.
Possible DNA/biohacking gene markers for intelligence and/or gene therapy
Now for a fun horror twist on the subject
Scanners – Head Explosion
“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
Imagine a world where every politician had to be screened first for known human delusions and cold be kept out of politics if they do not pass a threshold or minimum of such. Would that help make the world a better place?
Where you go from here is up to you.
P.S. This posting is a rough draft and will be touched up later on.

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