Putting to question (killing) the many worlds multiverse & early inflation.

First showing the science article with a video on inflation right after.


1. Inflationary Cosmology: Is Our Universe Part of a Multiverse? Part I

Just a few things on why they should have known better.

The many worlds multiverse keeps coming up in print. Yet they do not see the problems with such. They seem to take good science ignore some parts and make a bad assumption. Or at least that’s my take on them besides using it to weed out people now.

1st The many worlds interpretation of QM  and not seeing any sign in quantum computers in the way it would have shown up. From D-wave to other experimental quantum computers. Also blind quantum computing works fine and doesn’t show many worlds interpretation. When they use QM to make a many worlds clam. It just tells me they did not learn QM good enough and more so the work done in the field already and what it says about there theory.

2nd inflation faster than the speed of light runs into a few problems besides the ones you hear them use now like dust. From production and destruction of atoms in the early universe to godel universe and closed time like curves. Also it runs into the digital universe theory or simulated universe theory. All it would take is one particle not to say a grouping of them to create closed time like curves and it would leave a imprint on the universe if so. The same for the simulated universe. All it would take is one particle to imply that and they have not seen such yet.

3rd They talk about string theory and yet do not give what one they are talking about. String theory has a few flavors so to say. You could guess at one of the 2 or 3 they may be using, but it seems like they invoke that with out knowing enough about it again. Not to get into the energy density and curvature of space in the early universe or a few other things they have problems with it seems to me. I would also like to say it is a good way to weed out the bad science people from the rest. You can get rid of 80-90% if not more of the people that way if you are searching for the right people to talk to about it.

The Quantum Mechanics of Time Travel

D-wave site hack the multiverse


The Measurement That Would Reveal The Universe As A Computer Simulation


Gödel metric


String theory



A side note. String theory has 2 good ways of explaining the creation of the universe. I just have yet to hear anyone say one of the 2 that works. like wise inflation can work in a way after the Schwarzschild radius of the universe and in a limited manner. Though it has problems with the initial conditions and quantum state and such.

Physics team finds new constraints on how lumpy space-time can be


NASA telescopes set limits on space-time quantum ‘foam’


Blind quantum computing method surpasses efficiency ‘limit’

One other bad article that made it to print this past week.


They do not see massive heat before and as a black hole forms. Black holes are not seen spinning faster than light speed also. Thermal is displaced yes but like GR puts it. It is displaces into the future not the past. A few other things to argue about that one but they should have known better it seems to me. 2 videos to put with this to help some people think on it also.

Stephen Hawking – Time Traveling Particles

Stephen Hawking – The Mad Scientist Paradox

Show me FTL or blind quantum computing with very specific hiccups or flaws, or energy/mass density greater than Schwarzschild meteric/black hole, or quantum flux/foam greater than the limit set and I might be inclined to go with there theory rather than another. Or one person with the right type of string theory set even. Till then I seem to be on my own like always.


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