Robots, A.I., LAR’s, LAW’s, Empathy, War, Recent and old news recap.

On DARPA robots and doors, AI, and recent news with some recaps of older news on the topic matter.


Robot tries to open door, falls down.

Opening Doors

Recently DARPA’s robot challenge had robot’s trying to preform some tasks. One of the sticking points was opening a door. Though they have some robots that can open doors. None of the models that do that task better seemed to be in the competition. Can Asimo open a door? Or the willow garage one? A few others that are more limited in mobility can also. One person even got quoted as saying after the DARPA challenge. If your scared of killer robots just close the door. To have a robot open a door is not that hard to fix for the ones taking the DARPA challenge. I would expect them to be able to do that next year.


The Computer That Could Be Smarter Than US

Nick Bostrom: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?

Computer will be more clever than human beings: Yutaka Matsuo at TEDxUTokyo

Then you have some calling for a ban on humanoid robots as social companions. I may not agree with them, but that’s just me. If they are not making people better or more social with elderly and a few other types then why not try to make social robots for them? With the worlds aging population and the way a chunk of elderly are treated. Why not try to make things better for them? The show Humans is some what addressing part of what people will want and the way things can go wrong and right.


Project KARA (tech demo from Quantic Dream)

Dutch people not in favour of humanoid robots


Now part of that may be some dutch people feeling the robots may take over the sex industry or other jobs like maid/butler services. I’ll get to that in a little while. First let’s address humanoid and anthropomorphizing. Humans have done this for many years before robots came to be, and will be doing this for a long time into the future. It seems to be a way to relate in communication and story’s. I actually think it helps for some people ( Elderly, autistic, ect…) and why take that away from them? If anything it seems best to try to make humanoid robots for social settings. Even things like asimo and japans robot dogs show why. Would you rather have LAR’s ( lethal autonomous robots ) or other non humanoid or animal like robots like assembily line robots as your social robot type? Or just leave it in cell phones and robo callers and other hidden social robots?


The interlink of alice in wonderland rabbit intended.


Some humans have made robots they marry. Now this may be a bit to far, but if it makes them happy then why not? Again the show humans or movie ex-machine show dome of the anthropomorphizing and human bonding. Or would you rather them not to be able to have robot’s like that? It’s like a bad trend of people wanting to impose criteria on other people with out filling those needs or helping any. To me that’s just a mean way to approach it all, and should be discouraged if they are not going to help those people. Until they show some studies that show it is detrimental or bad. I’m for letting them have humanoid robots and working on human mimicking robots of types.

Lords of Acid – Robot Love

Japanese guy marries virtual girl


Mortal Kombat: Legacy: Cyrax and Sektor Skrillex Reptile Theme

Now back to the hot topic LAR’s ( lethal autonomous robots )

YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT / industrial robot vs sword master

Now most people might think terminator when they think of LAR’s, but the reality is they are drones and 4 wheeled or tank treaded robots with guns or missiles. The real thing around military robots or lethal robots is liability, and in America that is lack of liability as the military has shown. When a drone kills innocent people, the government just chalks them up as terrorist’s or such and the companies that make the killer robots are shielded also from lawsuits. That is a terrible precedent to make. Instead of completely banning lethal robots they need to regulate and make laws for the use of them. They need to make countries and companies responsible for lethal robots and restrict how they can be used.



Exclusive Video! Iran unveils Hi Tech Combat Robot 2015


Dirty Machine Language – System Resources

As some of that shows they need to be regulated and parties need to be held responsible for the robots actions. That or they rick driving them underground so to say, and into black budgets and markets.


A few more misc.

Steve Wozniak: In the Future, AI Will Keep Humans as Pets

Elon Musk compares AI efforts to “Summoning the Demon” (2014)

Stephen Hawking: ‘AI could spell end of the human race’

Artificial Intelligence: Are we engineering our own obsolescence?

The Quest for Artificial Intelligence (AI) The World’s Smartest Machine.

5 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots USA/JAPAN

Human Meets Humanoid | World’s Strangest

New BBC Documentary 2015 – Future war Technology

Empathy for military robots could affect outcomes on the battlefield

Neuroscience Explores Why Humans Feel Empathy for Robots

Would YOU be friends with a robot? Human-like droids could banish loneliness and keep the elderly company, experts claim

Creating a Baseline for Empathy in Socially Assistive Robotics

Robot Replacing Nurses: Is It Really That Far-fetched? – See more at:

Robot Named Pepper Is Emotionally Aware Empathetic and Available

A caring robot with ‘emotion’ and memory

Will Your Next Best Friend Be A Robot?

Social Robots Are Getting Emotional


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