Some things on computer viruses, Trojans, worms, exploits. Ect..


The first computer bug


Inside the Duqu Command and Control Servers


DUQU 2.0

heart bleed




golden nuggets

a fast history reference with operation gold

In a way I liked the fire eye web page for monitoring attacks I’ll put a link to it here. and the threat map

fire eye

and for comedy value

Trojan Horse – The Chaser

A irony considering the suit they developed or help curate in the NSA

though it does go to the question of was irans nuclear program that pearl harbor and how well can you trust the NSA/CIA/FBI ect..

CIA investment firm

Though they have palinter and fire eye and such. I would stress here that other countries have versions of the same.

Amazing 3D cyber-attack alert system NICT Daedalus, Japan, 06.2012




Keeping Secrets: Cryptography In A Connected World – Full Program

Prepare, Detect, Respond, And Harden: Palantir Cyber In Action

Detection of Advanced Attacks with a CPU Level Sandbox Technology

Next gen cyber.

Expect the cyber weapons suits to expand and become more versatile. A library of viruses, Trojan horses, malware, bug’s, exploits like zero days, logic bombs, worms, and back doors. Even expect A.I. driven cyber war suits when they get to them. I’ll post a video on that later in this piece. From industries to stock markets to infrastructure. Nothing connected to the internet will be safe if cyber war erupts.

The next gen will have a wide range of tools to use. From fackbooks deep face mining and other social networks used to mine faces. To palinter big data sifting programs for links to fire eye like programs for real time threat monitoring. Information may be a click away. Incorporated into one suite with defensive as well as offensive tool sets to deploy. They would need a system that works across platforms. ( MS OS’s, Apple OS’s, Google, Linux, Ect..) With lists of types of known vulnerabilities to deploy.

Moving into the cyber battlespace with Plan X


Now the scary or thrilling part. A.I. or code that writes it’s own code, and how it may link in with cyberwar.


Notice what he says about the darpa project.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence Robots and Beyond

Now for a last bit of fun



Will A.I. have a cyber warfare suite built into it?


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