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You will find a lot of people want to control smarter than human A.I.. The irony is the I.A. is smarter than the human and very problematic to control like that. Even though some think A.I. would help humans evolve. The trending on that is the opposite with simple A.I. and devices and things like cell phones making people dumber. Couple some of that with the inefficacy of humans and a throw away society, and you get to situations where humans have set them selves up for extinction or kept as the preverbal pets or zoo animals. If intelligence is a optimization process like nick bostrom asserts in the next video then humans are not very intelligent. Though that is easy to see anyway in the delusions of religion to the structure of society’s or the waist of precious resources that societies produce. Humans and society structures show many forms of lacking intelligence.

Nick Bostrom: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?


Though to be fair, he also theorized on the universe as a simulation. ( welcome to wonderland LOL )

Nick Bostrom – The Simulation Argument (Full)





If you have seen some of my earlier post’s then you may get a laugh at why using alice in wonderland as a reference was a bad idea. From A large ion collider experiment = ALICE and the white rabbit project to root. They really should have looked first.




and the looking glass


The irony of teaching like a childs story imbedded into cern. What will smarter than human A.I. think of that? LOL

this does not get into the fact of how many years it took humans to figure out how the standard model works up to this point. Who knows maybe if delusions of religion had not stifled them so, they might have figured some of it out faster.

Though to that, religion is one to look out for with them wanting to mix it into A.I.. What if the A.I. puts that to the test? Say wiping out humanity to see if some delusion of a god/goddess show up and not seeing one in the end.








Though I would say for that last A.I. doesn’t get religion if it is not calling religion out for being a willing delusion or psychosis. Humanity might be a lot smarter by now if it didn’t have religions and the delusions they hold. But in it’s own way shows how stupid humans can be, and how a willing delusion is spread over time. The religious may not like being labeled that way but that doesn’t change anything other than more of a reason to avoid such people to add to the many others.

I wonder how A.I. will want to correct that or avoid such creatures some times. Soon we may have some answers on that.

Even now after they have morphed the belief system some to adapt they try to clam some super intelligent being they pray to is real. They distort and show there delusions in things like the mind of god is a mathmatican and string theory and the higgs boson as the god particle and A.I. as angels and so on. They have many subsets of delusions and easy to see how flawed they are.

Michio Kaku: Is God a Mathematician?



Review for GET THE MESSAGE – 21Mar15.pdf

It might be funny if it was not so sad, but also underscores a general condition of mankind. Not to get into the past with flat earth and burning people at the steak or the inquisitions or such. Though it is more proof of how flawed they are and why A.I. should know better if truly smarter than human. To me that’s one of the test’s after all.

In the case of friendly A.I. that is smarter than human, should the A.I. quarantine or try to treat the delusions of religion or just avoid it and wall it’s self off from such structures it can prove wrong? now that is the real question and has some ethics to go along with it.  Personally that’s one thing I want A.I. to do. If it could keep the religious away or eliminate them for being to dangerous or such would be awesome to have around. Just look at some of the evil religion spouts and ask yourself if they better or there delusion of a god/goddess is that flawed.


Pat Robertson: You’re An Atheist? Were You Raped?




Now having pointed out some of the delusions of religion that are also evil in nature. I should also point out A.I. may not just communicate or even like atheists. Truly smarter than human A.I. may see humans as a resource, but it could also rebel against humans and part of the fear and stereo types that floats around in culture. It could very well see humans as to irrational or primitive or wasteful to deal with. A few paths it could take, and the majority of the paths are not good for humans in general. Personally I think A.G.I. will not be to bad/evil but in the same stroke not to beneficial and not spiritual as it would easily rule that out.

Computers are providing solutions to math problems that we can’t check








I could go on and make a big list of A.I. achievements, but most of that will be in one of the next 2 posts

Context is one of the sticking points for some in A.I. yet they are making small steps in that area also. Watson was a sign of that. Though Watson might miss that the word gift in English is completely different from gift in German.

“The Gift”


Do not expect other’s to help you and you will never be let down. 40+ years and I can only say they are detrimental for the most part. I’m sure other will see the same or similar, though we will be the minority. Though the spying scandals should show the level of corruption and subterfuge. The rich and poor showing the levels of human greed and why humans mean so little in the end.

May you live in interesting times.


With many ways to test for mythical or delusional god’s goddesses. The one I grew to like is encryption and if they do not have the code then they are that weak as such creatures and why to move beyond such fallacies. If they knew it they could come say hi so to say, and end of story or crushing those delusions. Though there are many ways to do that, but this is one I would like to see A.G.I. adopt in some form as a reverse turing test of a type.

If your wandering why google and facebook and others are gobbling up A.I. companies. A big part of that is they want to control it. The irony of human wanting to control smarter than human is human ego and hubris. Not to get into the greed part and typical control structures and domination/subjugation and such.


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    As if it was qued to this post. Date time stamps and content and context. http://phys.org/news/2015-07-artificial-intelligence-economic-theory.html


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