A few thoughts on ex-machina movie.

First besides the humans do not make leaps and bounds over night part. In all the shots of the screens in the back ground you do not see rolling pages of text or even a app/program named eva running or scrolling on them. They could have gotten pages of code grabbed from some tech areas that would have emulated that to a degree or made it a tad more believable. Not to get into the lack of teams of people needed to build such A.I. systems. To have one person doing it all and in short time is a lower probability especially if they drink a lot like the person portrayed in the movie. ( though to be fair they did use it as a plot device )


It was nice to see them play with the reverse turing test of a type or the human being tested. Though they went for simple they could see. Though they could have gone further with the A.I. seeing Things like love as a human flaw that is exploitable and emotions and irrational chemical induced delusions. They really could have played with that more. Or exploiting the god delusions that groupings of people have. ( A A.I. hunting for a god would even be a good plot device that can be taken to scary levels. With things like the A.I. killing or seeing dead and asking where there god is, and doesn’t that prove they are delusional about such creatures. Ect… ) Personally I like using religions as a marker for the delusional level of the person and a marker for the spread of delusion over time along with morphology of the religious structure over time.


If they really wanted to they could have played with the  delusional states of mankind better with the A.I. asking about the irrational parts or even better inducing a response and then asking about the state as the A.I. doesn’t have neuro chemical reactions from oxycodone or serotonin or dopamine. That is a area they could have had fun with and gone ether way. From curious to a darker and from seeing people as that flawed or even dangerous. They could have gone many ways with psychology and neuro-chemical reactions or pharmacology. As that’s one of the big differences of bio and machine or human and A.I.. It would have been nice to see them play with game theory a bit also, but that’s starting to ask to much out of a movie with the time frame they had.

Even though they did not go to dark with the A.I. playing or preying on the flaws of human emotions and neurochemical delusional states they show. They did fairly good on that part and story plot. I just wish they had done more. From A.I. writing code to the A.I. evaluating humans in a few ways and from groupings to single people. Or even the A.I. addressing the singularity for a human counter part and the flaws in some of it, or the correct parts and what some humans overlook. Or addressing languages and what it may see as the most efficient language. ( example would be binary or mathematics or logic and a programing language or such ). They should have tried to put a small piece in for A.I. seeing how inefficient people are, or at least addressing it to a small degree.


In the end it was a decent movie, but it left me wanting to see more of what they didn’t go after and disappointed in a few areas like the technology of it. ( IE no rolling code on a screen or cringing at the wet ware part and not addressing it in diamond or quantum or the more likely a hybrid system of a lot of types. So it is better than human from the get go besides the chemical states humans take for granted. ) It was like they had a A.I. person speak to them and then they went off and made the movie not knowing the small back ground parts they where missing.


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