How the FBI made your computer and cell phone less safe.

It’s bad enough that the government is the number one supporter of black market exploits.–government-is–biggest-buyer–of-zero-day-vulnerabilities–report-claims.html

Not only do they use black market hacks further supporting black hat criminals, but they collude with them in ways. From hiding the sources to knowingly undermining companies products and not informing them of the hole or backdoor.

Even with NSA ant tools the FBI wants you to be less secure to make it easier for them and other hackers to get in.

This guy seems to be one of the better security people
As the FBI and NSA show they are not to be trusted and more so you should think about not buying American or british crypto unless your sure they do not have a back door or front door.
The irony of the FBI outsourcing and giving zerodays to hackers instead of helping to get them patched
As this shows even RSA is not to be trusted anymore
When they cry ISIS or such remember they can still go after them with stronger encryption. They just get less some times, and it is more of a admission that they are incompetent to the degree they will cause malice to everyone else.
One way to look at them is game theory and if they are working against you, you should work against them. It’s only fair after all. Not like they are good people after all.
Build your own crypto system ( rolling encryption and do not keep old keys )
Don’t buy American or british security systems as they may have back doors
If you need to keep some thing secure remember to keep it off the internet and no USB. ( this applies in any country )
Stay off Microsoft and apple OS’s of you need the security level
Make rat traps to mine there tools. ( rat trap as in juicy or fake stuff that will attract them to your trap system )( fake info being the best to test with )
If you have a cell phone and root. Then put a few crypto tools and layers in it.

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