Constraints on darkmatter/darkenergy/quantum foam, and beyond the standard model.

Quark asymmetries hint at physics beyond the Standard Model

BaBar experiment data hint at cracks in the Standard Model

Scientists see ripples of a particle-separating wave in primordial plasma

A closer look at the perfect fluid

Physics team finds new constraints on how lumpy space-time can be

NASA telescopes set limits on space-time quantum ‘foam’

First results from the LUX dark matter experiment at the Sanford Underground Research Facility

LUX dark matter results confirmed

Dark matter even darker than once thought

POLARBEAR Detects Curls in the Universe’s Oldest Light

Constraints on Self Interacting Dark Matter from IceCube Results

Constraints on dark matter annihilation from AMS-02 results

ATLAS gives new limits in the search for dark matter

Planck 2015 Constraints on Dark Energy and Inflation

Hubble Deep Field Constraint on Baryonic Dark Matter

Examining The Fermi-LAT Third Source Catalog In Search Of Dark Matter Subhalos

Dark Energy Constraints after Planck

Mapping the cosmos: Dark Energy Survey creates detailed guide to spotting dark matter


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